Papermaking – Japanese and Western Styles

Papermaking Styles

I use a combination of Japanese and Western styles of papermaking to create layers of pigmented kozo, gampi and abaca fibers that are then manipulated to create patterns and grids.

Western Style of Paper Making

Forming a sheet of handmande paper using the western style. The mould and deckle are dipped down into the vat, containing water and processes fibres, capturing the pulp inside the deckle. The water drains through the screen of the mould leaving the pulp to form the sheet of paper on the screen. This is then couched, pressed and dried.

Japanese Paper Making

This style differs by use of a mucilage that slows down the drainage and allows multiple dipping in the sheet formation process that allows the use of longer, stronger fibres and multiple layers.

Since my early college days I have been drawn to architectural structures for inspiration. Their patterns, designs gleaned from images that influenced my work can be seen in my past arts practice as well as my current work.