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Various Examples of Artist’s Books

Default Mode Network

– at the end of a busy successful day – sitting on a bus –
– lulled by rhythmic engine sounds and movements –
– safe – relaxed – contented –
– unrealized mind wandering –
The default mode network is located in brain regions that are active when the individual is not focused on the outside world cognitive processes are decoupled from current sensory information (
Moments of unrealized daydreaming and mind wandering occur when brain activity is at its strongest and lacks meta awareness enabling coherent neuronal oscillations at a rate of one approximately every ten seconds (Wikipedia).


The shifting within our DNA caused, by many scientists, biologists, by genetic memories caused by a our circumstances…….behaviours that are passed on through our offspring.
I am trying to create a visual idea of a shift… a paradimic shift… a shift in understanding… a shift that is created within ourselves on a molecular level… one that causes a change/alteration/modification within the building blocks of our DNA.

Gladioli Rag Book

While making paper from Gladioli….heard the Scott Joplin tune Gladioli Rag. I decided to try to create a pattern/design that represents the mood of the tune. Behind the folded handmade paper are the actual music score of the Gladioli Rag that can be slightly seen through some of the transparent areas of the hand made paper.


Being situated is generally considered to be part of being embodied, but it is useful to consider each perspective
individually. The situated perspective emphasizes that intelligent behaviour derives from the environment and the agent’s interactions with it.