30 St. Marys Axe: Diagrid

30 St Mary Axe:Cladding

When I first saw this structure, in 2008, and stood at the base staring up at it’s amazing curvature ….. guiding my vision upwards …. unable to see the pinnacle … created by the diagradical cladding … I was immediately entranced and then determined to use the patterns created by these architectural details in a book arts form.
Axe: Diagrid and Axe: Cladding both were designed to reveal the structures patterns and colours caused by atmospheric changes.

Foster’s City Hall

South Bank, London
I wanted to create a simple fold piece that invokes a sense of the discombobulativeness that occurs when walking up/down/around the spiral ramp: the prominent architectural element of this building.

twisting and turning – ascending and descending – rotating and spiraling

Interaction and Engagement

A personal experience with architecture

Memories or even through ones own culture, they can all have a dramatic impact on the way a person thinks
“Architectural space is about layering for all of the senses. Like a musical composition, spatial features come together into a symphony for occupants to experience. By engaging all of the senses, form and function may be more fully expressed so occupants can have deeper, more meaningful moments, interactions and experiences in the designed space.” (Eberhard 2004)
The text on the folded spine element is a personal dialogue of thoughts while walking around my favourite buildings in London.